Shipping & Tracking


ALL FINAL WEIGHTS IN THE CHECKOUT ARE CALCULATED by the shipping calculator TO INCLUDE 30% OF PRODUCT WEIGHT FOR SHIPPING MATERIALS: Boxes, Foam, Wrap Etc. Packages need 30% of the product weights worth in packaging materials.

Airmail takes 2-5 Weeks, EMS takes 7-10 days. Both come with online Tracking.

Airmail ships to ALL COUNTRIES - Including NETHERLANDS - if your country is not listed in Zone 1-5 then it can ship Registered Airmail using China Post. This is a NEW, CHEAPER but SLOWER OPTION FOR ALL DESTINATIONS. All destinations including USA, Canada, Europe, etc can use Registered Airmail.

REGISTERED AIRMAIL TAKES 3-5 Weeks for delivery, and is 1-3 weeks slower then EMS. EMS is Highly Recommended but Registered Airmail is available if you do not mind waiting for your package in order to save a little money. Please do not inquire about the package;s arrival before 30 days at minimum if you use Airmail. You should receive a tracking within a few days of placing your order.. If you use Registered Airmail you must be patient and wait for your package.


Tracking numbers are entered into your paypal transaction after the items are shipped. You should receive a notice from paypal and a courtesy email from us to let you know your package shipped. You can always find your tracking number once your package is shipped by checking the bottom part of the original transaction in paypal.

Tracking for EMS can first be done on ( and then can be done on your local carrier site once it reaches your country or earlier.

Tracking for REGISTERED AIRMAIL can first be done on and then on your local carrier site.

CUSTOMS, DUTY and TAX from the receiving country.

Although customs is really never a problem, less then 0.1% of ppl report some sort of customs quesitons, which in all cases are resolved and the packages are delivered as GIFTs.

We mark ALL packages as Toy-GIFT with a low value, usually around 30$ per package.

You are responsible otherwise for communicating with your country's customs and getting the package from them. We can not communicate with your customs or post office, but we can supply you with a copy of the shipping document and will work with you to help you get your package if your country has any ridiculous customs laws. We can and will work with you to overcome any obsticles that your government puts in your way, but in the end, you are responsible for receiving and taking your package. Please never refuse any package, always explain how it is a gift and what it is etc, then you should get it. We do our part and get it out, you have to do your part and make sure you pay attention to the tracking and get it from your side. Thank you